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        作者:學歷在線網 來源:學歷在線網 上傳時間:2019-11-16 14:25:09


          sensitive, elderly, vulnerable, deteriorate, request, debate, be affected with, take sth into account.

          1. Relation between the two countries began to ____ in 1988.

          2. The interview was put off at my ______.

          3. The girl ________ high fever.

          4. You must ______ his ignorance when making a decision.

          5. We need to be more ______ to the needs of students. sensitive

          Answers: deteriorate, request, is affected with, take sth into account;


          1. 據說,那個病人曾要求醫生助他一死。

          2. 他的才能將保證他得到成功。

          3. 他對天氣的變化很敏感。

          4. 他們正準備展開一場全國性的爭論。

          5. 水的污染使居民容易得病。


          1. The patient is said to have asked the doctor to help him die.

          2. His ability will ensure his success.

          3. He is sensitive to the change of the weather.

          4. They are planning to open up a national debate.

          5. Water pollution makes the residents vulnerable to diseases.


          1.家庭的a d ________; 2. 戰役、運動n c ________; 3.執行 v e ________;

          4.移民 n i__________; 5. 外國人 n f ___________; 6. 目擊者 n e _________;

          7. 否認 v d _________; 8. 處罰n p______________; 9. 國內的a c _________;

          10.自由 n l _________.中大網校收集整理


          domestic, campaign, execute, immigration, foreigner, eyewitness, deny, punishment, civil, liberty.


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